Health Just For You

Every one want to be healthy and fit. In today's scenario, where pollution has increased very much and our life style has changed in a negative way, we need to take care of ourself. Care has to be taken in both preventive and curative way. In ancient time, our forefathers discovered various ways to keep ourself healthy, but with the passage of time we forgot those ways and suffer from a lots of problems. It is the unawareness of those methods which increased diseases and reduced resistance power against the negative powers be it harmful bacteria, pollution or invisible negative energies. So lets promise ourself to make ourself fit and healthy. Our commitment for being healthy and happy is more important than anything else in the world.

The main reason of majority of diseases is stress. It is said that "Stress is the root cause of all diseases". Today, when social media has expanded drastically and people used to communicate and share views on social media, they forgot to have sufficient personal interaction and ultimately results into loneliness and stress. Social media is good upto some extent as it has lots of positive points also but because of it if you forget conventional way of communication, you may have to suffer from health problems. People should learn different ways to reduce stress and be happy. Various methods in this site also works on reducing stress and makes our life more happy.

Yoga is originated in India where ancient yog rishis developed ways to keep ourself healthy physically as well as mentally. Yoga does not cost even a penny but benefits like anything. It is said that "Pahala sukh nirogi kaya (First happiness is having a healthy body)". Yoga should be adopted in day to day life for making ourself healthy. It is the natural way which heals and nourishes our body and mind. Yoga was propounded by patanjali who is known as an expert and made this world more knowledgeable about Yoga. 

Ayurved is also having its origin in India. Yog rishis have discovered various herbs for specific diseases and also they have developed such combination of herba which when taken in some specific quantity, relieves from diseases. Through various herbs, ayurved can heal almost all the diseases from pin to piano. Further, it costs lesser than today's medicines made up from various chemicals and having lots of side effects. Herbs do not have any side effect and works as a complete natural way to heal the diseases. Our body is made by the nature and we should respect it by using natural ways of treatment.

Acupuncture is a method of healing body which was developed in China. Through pressing various specific points of body, diseases can be cured. Many a times, needles are used to remove the diseases. Various points are prescribed in Acupuncture which are specific to different health related problems. 

Diseases can be caused because of various reasons whether it be a visible reason like pollution, dust, bacteria, virus etc. or invisible one like bad wishes of people, depression, stress etc. We have to make ourself that much strong that neither of them can harm us. With the help of above methods, a healthy and happy life can be achieved.