Yoga originated in India. It came from word of sanskrit language (Indian ancient language) yuj, which means to join or to unite. It means the unity between mind, body and spirit. 

Since ancient times, it is being said "Sharirmadhyam Khaludharam Sadhnam" i.e. be it work or pleasure, it is possible only through a healthy body. Today's medical science too considers prevention to be of utmost importance and a primary step towards good health. Therefore it is necessary to make yoga a part of our daily routine. Yoga is free of cost so that even poor people can do yoga and can be saved from huge medical expenses. There are people who are wlel to do but are sad because they are not able to be healthy through medicines. They have all the resources but do not know what treatment to follow. Yoga is a silver light for those who have lost their hope. Yoga opens a new path when all other paths are closed. Yoga doesn't differentiate between various religions, between man and woman, between child and old; it benefits everybody throughout the world provided it is done with dedication. 

Yoga helps us to have healthy mind and body which makes us free from all kinds of violence, regionalism, communal differences and increases harmony, love, peace, humanism, sense of service, empathy and makes life more pleasant and beautiful.

Eight Limbs of Yoga