Remedies of Diseases

Today, our life style has changed a lot then what our forefathers used to have. We have moved towards automation driven life which created lots of health related problems. There is nothing wrong in modern facilities we used to live but many a times we use them in improper manner which causes diseases. Too much of facilities being used makes our immune system weaker which results into health problems and we take modern medicines for curing those diseases which always come with side effects. Why don't we think of living a life which even keep the diseases far away? Why we don't take some pain (in the form of exercise, less luxurious life etc.) for our own health? Why we have completely out of the track which our forefathers used to live? Even studies have proven that the more insecticides we use for crops, the more stronger insects become and for that day by day more stronger insecticides need to be used for removing those insects. Just like that the more comfortable our life becomes, the more loss to our immunity occurs.

Our forefathers did not have air conditioners neither they had luxurious cars to travel. These means are not bad in themselves, however their excessive use causes imbalance of our body and reduction of immune system. Earlier, people used to walk to go from one village to another which used to consume lots of days. We can atleast run or walk few of the kilometres daily. Earlier, people used to eat healthy food coming directly from farms, we can atleast avoid junk food. Earlier, people used to wake up 4:00 a.m. (known as bramha muhuarth in India), we can atleast wake up at 6:00 a.m. All these small things if applied in life can cause wonders in life making a more energetic and vibrant life. All that is required is a strong will and determination to create a life we want to live.

Inspite of all above, there are lots of things which are not under our control resulting into disease in one form or the other. What we can do is to adopt evergreen natural remedies for removal of diseases. Modern medicines should be used in case of bigger problem but diseases in small form like cold, acne, constipation can be removed naturally. However, doctor's advice should be sought if problems persist for long duration. 

With the hope of seeing all of you healthy, fit and happy, remedies are prescribed in further sections which you may find useful. 

Acne (Pimples)

Alopecia (Hair Loss)